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Which is the Best Air Cooler to Buy under 15000 Rs. in India?

Which is the Best Air Cooler to Buy under 15000 Rs. in India?

Want to purchase an air cooler under 15000 Rs. but do not know where to discover it? Well, several brands are promoting their product as the best air coolers, but you need to be vigilant and intelligent when making a choice. 

Your aim should be to invest in a company that provides sturdy, modern, and functional air coolers with minimum maintenance for a great long-term use experience. As customers, we want to buy a cooler that would be useful for several years, and hence, buying from the best cooler company becomes essential. 

Best Air Cooler Options in Your Budget

Today, in our endeavor to help you, we have listed the best cooler options under the given budget that you can buy with little thinking. 

The models are from the Symphony brand, which has been synonymous with quality and utility for years and has constantly evolved to offer products according to changing lifestyles and family needs. So, read on to know what options you have in hand and where to find them.

Different Models of Symphony Air Coolers

Diet 3D 55B

With the BLDC technology, Symphony has decoded the secret to low electricity bills without compromising the cooling in the summer. The Diet 3D is a sleek modern cooling machine with a mighty throw of 28 feet, which is ideal for the contemporary Indian household setup. Here are some features of the product:

  • Power consumption is 115 watts, which means the motor and fan are energy efficient.
  • Auto pop-up screen with all necessary settings.
  • Extended 8 hours sleep mode for unobstructed sleep through the night.
  • It is an inverter-compatible model, so there are no more struggles during power cuts.
  • Magnetic remote for people who wish to have control in their hands.

Jumbo 70

If you have larger rooms and need a big machine for adequate cooling, Jumbo 70 is a great option to buy. Despite the enormous size, the cooler has minimal sound and is best for sound night sleep. Its air throw is up to 37 feet, and some other features are:

  • The cooler is designed to consume 155 watts, which is impressive considering its size.
  • There are large pads that retain water and ensure best-in-class cooling across the home.
  • The brand offers a free trolley with a cooler, which makes it easy to move as per requirement.

Siesta 70 XL

Designed for big rooms and enhanced coverage, this heavy-duty machine is a perfect blend of performance and utility. It throws air up to 46 feet. Unlike regular big coolers that tend to be noisy, Symphony has designed it for silent performance. Here are some functions that make this cooler a great buy:

  • Low power consumption of 150 watts, which means minimum electricity bills
  • High-quality honeycomb pads that ensure minimum water consumption during use.
  • The attached wheels allow the cooler to be moved around the house.
  • Water tank with ice chamber for cooling during peak summers.

Sumo 75 XL

One of the best cooler options under Rs.15000, Sumo 75XL is designed for quick cooling in larger rooms. The machine is equipped with CFD technology that enables it to cool uniformly, along with a maximum coverage of 28 feet. Some highlights of this model are:

  • Power consumption is 190 watts, which is decent considering the size of the cooler.
  • The powerful fan and motor combination can keep you cool even on the hottest days.
  • It is easy to operate the water tank with dedicated slots for filling water and outlet.
  • The water tank alarm makes it easy to keep a check during extended use.

Touch 55

This new-age air cooler offers appropriate cooling for medium-sized rooms, and the throw range is 30 feet. It is designed with CFD technology combined with low-noise fans for minimum disturbance. Here is why you should consider buying this model:

  • 185-watts of power consumed during use.
  • There are 4 cooling pads innovatively placed for the best cooling effect.
  • Tank capacity is suitable for people who wish to avoid frequent filling sessions.
  • A double blower and closable louvers add to the efficiency.

Moving Forward with a Symphony Air Cooler

So, here are the models that you can buy for under Rs. 15,000 this summer season and enjoy a cool breeze throughout. Symphony has not only designed top-notch machines but has also evolved into a customer-centric brand. It offers no-cost EMI options for people who cannot invest the money in one go. 

You will even enjoy a one-year exclusive warranty across India, which means you can connect with customer support if an issue arises. The company is dedicated to offering the best coolers for its customers, along with free delivery and fantastic deals.

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