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Which is the Most Silent Air Cooler in India?

Which is the Most Silent Air Cooler in India?

You love a peaceful and silent sleep throughout the night but must compromise with it due to hot summers. Do not worry. Symphony has the best cooling machines for your home, so you no longer have to negotiate with anything.

With the best-in-class noiseless air cooler range, Symphony offers breezy, comfy sleep and lets you relax without concerns. 

So, we will explore the different air cooler models you can buy, and believe us, there is an ideal cooler for every household since Symphony, as a leading brand, understands that every family is different, so there are better fits for everyone.

Planning to Buy an Air Cooler for Hot Summers 

When you plan to buy a cooler for the summer season, you check the fan speed and calculate the electricity bills but neglect the importance of a noiseless system. 

silent air cooler is a requisite, and Symphony is a dream come true since it knows the Indian summers and has expertise in designing new-age cooling machines with constant innovation. 

So, when you buy a Symphony cooler, you are guaranteed a complete package that will match your expectations without fail. So, read on to know which cooler you should pick this summer and enjoy the season without hassle.

Different Models of Symphony Air Coolers

Diet 3D 55B BLDC Tower Air Cooler

Pursuing perfection and innovation, Symphony offers a Diet 3D 55B BLDC air cooler. It is one of the best tower coolers and is designed for compact rooms with the best cooling systems. 

The air throw is sufficient to cover the entire room efficiently, and thanks to the latest BLDC technology motor, it also consumes less energy than other cooler brands.

Features of the Model

  • High-quality motor with copper wound for best functionality
  • 8-hours sleep mode with no noise for adequate cooling during the night
  • Feature-loaded remote for complete control and convenience
  • Up to 60% less power consumption
  • Inverter compatible for a stress-free experience even during power cuts
  • Empty water tank alarm
  • Sturdy structure with wheels for mobility around the house as per user needs

Diet 3D 30B Tower Air Cooler

Another modern air cooler you can consider buying this summer season is Diet 3D 30B. It is ideal for a room 150 sq. ft. in size and is powered by a BDLC-engineered motor for best efficiency. 

The sleek design looks appealing and comes with a stylish popup screen with a display and a remote control to change the settings easily.

Features of the Model

  • A 30-litre water tank that can keep your home cool throughout the day
  • Heavy motor for best cooling without burning a hole in your pocket
  • Energy efficient design for power-saving
  • Honeycomb cooling pads for retaining water ensure adequate cooling
  • No noise fan, even at higher speeds

Winter 80B Air Cooler with Latest BLDC Technology


If you want a cooler that covers the maximum area, Winter 80B is the most suitable cooler. It has a substantial 80-litre water tank, so you do not have to refill it regularly. 

The honeycomb pads on the sides retain water for long hours and maximize cooling. Even with the big body and fan, the cooler has minimal noise, which is fantastic.

Features of the Model

  • It is ideal for prominent families who want maximum cooling effect
  • An impressive 56-feet air throw capacity is best for large size rooms
  • Powerful motor with sturdy structure for best user experience
  • It comes with wheels for effortless movement around the home
  • Futuristic touch screen panel with all necessary settings and remote control with timer feature

Surround BLDC

Do you have small kids in the house and are worried about their safety when buying a cooling system? Well, Symphony has a solution for this, too. The futuristic Surround BDLC air cooler is the first of its kind, bladeless design. 

You read it right: this cooler has no fan blades, yet it has a unique cooling effect and comes with innovative BDLC technology.

Features of the Model

  • Bladeless turbo throws for absolutely no noise
  • 7-speed settings for desired cooling effects
  • 20 feet air throw capabilities, which makes it an ideal buy for Indian household
  • Swivel motion for maximum coverage around the room
  • Compact yet powerful air cooler
  • Touchscreen with a setting panel

Key Takeaways 

Now that we have listed all the silent cooling systems in all sizes, the choice depends on your needs and space design. 

So, browse through all the options, bring home the best air cooler this summer at attractive prices, and save money with lower electricity bills. Enjoy this season with the classy and efficient Symphony air coolers.

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