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Which Cooler is Best Honeycomb and Grass?

Which Cooler is Best Honeycomb and Grass?

With advancements in technology and product design, many products that we use in our daily lives have transformed into better offerings, and an air cooler is no exception. 

The new-age coolers are loaded with modern features and powerful motors with low power consumption. One drastic development is honeycomb pads replacing traditional grass pads. 

But consumers still wonder if investing in a honeycomb cooler is worth it. Today, we will discuss this crucial aspect and help buyers make a wise choice whenever they plan to buy a cooler for summer.

What is Honeycomb and Its Benefits?

Before we jump onto the comparison between honeycomb and grass pads, let us understand what honeycomb means and its function in an air cooler. 

As the name suggests, honeycomb pads have a similar structure to beehives and are tactically designed to retain water for longer hours, which helps enhance the cooling effect. 

Most honeycombs are made of cellulose. However, there are some options made of synthetic fibres as well. Some significant benefits of honeycomb over grass pads are stated below:

  • Honeycomb is durable and can be used for two to three summer seasons, lowering maintenance and operation costs.
  • Honeycomb is easier to install and clean than standard grass pads since it is well-structured.
  • Due to the dense pattern, there is an even distribution of water, which results in better cooling performance.

So, even though honeycomb coolers may seem expensive compared to regular grass coolers, the former is a better choice in the long run and keeps the consumer stress-free.

Now that we have highlighted the points to consider when comparing both the pad types let us further help the buyers by listing a few air coolers that are popular choices because of their design, sturdiness, and effective cooling. 

If you are looking for an air cooler this summer, read on to know which models are worth buying and their salient features for better insight.

Diverse Range and Models of Symphony Air Coolers

Movicool L125 L

People who want an air cooler for larger spaces can consider Movicool L125 since this machine has a powerful air throw of up to 65 feet. This ensures that the living space is cooled quickly and evenly, which is a concern a buyer usually has. 

Also, this is a massive cooler with a large water tank, but it has sturdy wheels, so that users can move it without any concerns. Here are some other features of the model:

  • Power consumption is a mere 240 watts, which means users do not need to shell out money to pay hefty electricity bills.
  • The cooler has a simple yet robust design, so people can use it for years with the least maintenance cost.
  • The 3-sided honeycomb pads elevate the cooling efficiency manifolds and are effective even during the peak summer season.
  • It comes with a dust filter and utility tray for a better user experience.

Winter 80XL

Another popular air cooler with honeycomb pads is Winter 80XL, which offers a complete package to the customers. The cooler has a strong air throw of 56 feet, making it the best buy for larger spaces. 

The 80L water tank is also sufficient for day-long cooling, saving efforts to fill the tank repeatedly. The significant features of this model are:

  • Despite the powerful motor and top-notch cooling efficiency, the cooler consumes only 180 watts, leading to lower electricity bills.
  • An innovative multistage filter ensures clean air reaches the family members, keeping dust and germs away.
  • The model is inverter-compatible and is ideal for areas where power cuts are frequent during summer.
  • Not to forget the highly efficient honeycomb pads on three sides for enhanced cooling.

HiFlo 40

Consumers who want an air cooler for a medium-sized room should opt for HiFlo 40 as this is perfectly designed to consume less space yet render the best cooling with an air throw capacity of up to 29 feet. 

Small families are preferably buying this model because it is equipped with all the modern features:

  • The modern i-Pure technology comes with air filters that clean the air and render a healthy environment for the family.
  • The top-quality honeycomb pads ensure even cooling and freshness in the room.
  • The cooler consumes only 150 watts and can operate on an inverter during power cuts.
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