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Which is the Best Air Cooler with Remote Control?

Which is the Best Air Cooler with Remote Control?

Temperatures have started soaring high, and evading the humidity and hot days is a priority. Consumers want affordable and efficient air cooling machines that consume less energy, so the right selection of an air cooling machine is definitely a challenging task. 

Symphony is a brand that recognizes Indian consumer needs well and, therefore, has designed some of the most efficient coolers with innovative features. They offer remote control air coolers for easy settings, which is indeed becoming a popular choice these days.

The brand has not restricted itself to traditional cooling mechanisms. In fact, it has gone a step ahead and has been constantly transforming its air cooler products to meet the modern lifestyle and cooling needs of a family. 

There are several models in the air cooler with remote category, so it becomes effortless for consumers to find the best cooler.

Best-selling Air Coolers With Remote Control - Fitting Different Family Needs 

In this blog, we will discuss some of the best-selling coolers appropriate for different family needs so that you, as the consumer, can stay stress-free and select the best product this summer.

Different Models of Symphony Air Coolers

Winter 80XL i

Marketed as a top-selling desert cooler, this product is famous for its cooling efficiency even during peak summers. The model comes with a full-function remote control where the user can set a timer for cooler on and off timings. 

Even though it is a massive cooler with 80 litres of water tank, it is equipped with a no-voice motor that lets you sleep through the night without any distractions. Here are some essential features that a buyer should consider:

  • It is designed to cover larger spaces, making it an immaculate choice for a family with many members.
  • Energy consumption is 190 watts, which is impressive considering the dimensions of the machine.
  • It is an inverter-compatible cooler that stays cool even during power cuts.
  • Easy movement despite the huge tank size with the sturdy wheels.

Storm 70i

Another desert cooler that comes with a remote control for easy-function access, Storm 70i, has a powerful air throw capacity of 65 feet. 

An appropriate cooler for large rooms, this model has a water tank of 70 litres. It is a silent cooling machine that cools quickly and lets you enjoy a stress-free summer season with your family. Here are some other highlights:

  • The cooler consumes 280 watts of power, which makes it highly energy efficient.
  • Quick water filling inlet and empty alarm letting you keep track of the water levels.
  • Touchscreen control panel with all settings along with full-function remote.

Diet 3D 40i

An ideal choice for families that live in apartments and have medium-sized rooms, Diet 3D 40i can cover up to 28 feet of distance. This modern and sleek design model consumes minimal space in the room and can be easily moved around with the inbuilt wheels. Here are some major attractions of the model:

  • Power consumption is 145 watts, keeping the electricity bills minimum even after constant usage.
  • A functional magnetic remote control with all necessary functions, letting you always have complete control.
  • Honeycomb cooling pads retain water to maximize cooling and also consume less water compared to a traditional cooler.

Touch 35

The best choice for consumers who want a personal cooler with a small water tank and easy mobility, Touch 35 model has an air throw capacity of 18 feet. This cooling machine is equipped with all modern features, making it the best choice for smaller families. Below are some essential features of this air cooler product:

  • The cooler consumes 185 watts of power and is highly rated for energy efficiency.
  • An appealing feature of this cooler is voice assist, which allows users to change settings without any effort.
  • The remote control comes with a 7-hour timer for peaceful night-time sleep.
  • There is a removable tank with ice and water inlet for enhanced cooling during high temperatures.

Key Takeaways 

People who love sleek and trendy designs can opt for any of the four Symphony air cooler models stated above and enjoy a cool breeze this summer season. The brand has levelled up the game with highly efficient machines and features so that consumers do not have to worry about the bills anymore. 

Also, you get seamless delivery and a post-buying experience with top-notch customer care assistance and a warranty on every air cooling machine. This summer, you and your family deserve the best air coolers. 

Hence, go ahead and buy a fully functional and practical Symphony air cooler product that fits your family’s needs and home size so that there are not any regrets later. Make sure you compare all the models wisely and select the best machine for optimal experience.

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