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Symphony Air Coolers for Every Budget: Comparing Prices and Features - Symphony Limited

Symphony Air Coolers for Every Budget: Comparing Prices and Features

Scrolling, tracking down, and zeroing in on an air cooler that fits your budget is definitely a task, that we all are aware of. Yet, we want to ascertain the fact that we are right there to fulfil your needs or probably ease out the whole buying process for your convenience.

 Our Exclusive Offers

During the peak sale season, you will get a good deal if you plan to buy air cooler from our Symphony website. Whether you have a luxury of a sprawling space or have a cosy and comfortable area, we have an array of products that would perfectly complement your requirement.

The Symphony’s exclusive air coolers on their website are exclusively designed to cater to the fancy needs of the user, and the best part is that they start at the best price of Rs.2699 during the limited period offer with Duet Mini powerful compact table cooling fan, perfect for cooling a small room and it’s available in grey and white variants. If you are looking for more spot cooling options, you can also opt for Harvy Air Cooler 10T or Ice Cube 20  which you can get at Rs.5999 and Rs. 5899 respectively. Whereas you’ll get Diet 3D 12T tower air Cooler under a similar price range of Rs.6999. The above-mentioned price list doesn’t hurt your pocket and at the same ensures top-notch performance for your personal cooling needs.

If you’re eyeing for mid-level price range, then you can check these out, HiCool i-Smart 31L priced at Rs. 9999, HiCool i Modern 31L personal air cooler at Rs.10999, and HiCool i smart Bluetooth air cooler at Rs. 11099, a steal deal in this range. Apart from that, you would get the new-age and technologically advanced Diet 3D air cooler which starts from Rs.8291 and goes upwards to Rs.12991. For the desert cooling range, you will find Storm 70i Desert Tower Air Cooler 70 litres and Winter 80XL i+ Smart Bluetooth enable Air cooler, exclusively priced at Rs.16649 and Rs.16491 respectively.

When budget is not a constraint and when your spacious home deserves the best-in-class cooling experience, you can go for Symphony’s large desert air coolers Movicool L 65i-S is exclusively priced at Rs. 17641 and for larger water tanks and commercial options you can pick Movicool L 125 or Movicool L 200 air coolers at Rs. 19991 and Rs. 22991. Apart from that, the supremely powerful Movicool DD 125 is being offered at Rs. 27991. The movicool range also has some XL variants starting at Rs. 39990 which can go up to Rs.49990.

Our Top Picks

Symphony air coolers, the largest-selling air cooler brand are packed with new-age designs, smart features, and powerful cooling mechanisms. Let’s deep dive into it! 

  • First and foremost, it’s equipped with i-Pure Technology, a multi-tier filtration method that acts as a shield against pollutants, allergens, germs, dust, and foul smells.
  • The new-generation honeycomb cooling pads and aspen cooling pads give maximized cooling effect for many years. It also further contributes to extra strength and durability to the overall structure.
  • The energy-efficient coolers consume lower power which effectively minimizes your energy bills and some of the models are inverter compatible that function seamlessly even during frequent power cuts.
  • The best air coolers come attached with powerful blowers that throw optimal air, and the calming breeze reaches every nook and cranny.
  • Integrated with extremely advanced smart features such as Bluetooth functionality which you can use from any Android Smartphone, an LCD panel for smooth functioning, and a multi-function remote that lets you be in control no matter where you sit or stand.

We hope now you have got ample reasons to choose Symphony while keeping in mind your budget, choice, and preference.

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