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Spot Cooling in the Bedroom: Tips for a Better Night's Sleep - Symphony Limited

Spot Cooling in the Bedroom: Tips for a Better Night's Sleep

At Symphony, we believe in transforming your bedroom into a serene retreat for a rejuvenating sleep experience. Our expertise in evaporative air cooling, refined over 80 years, has positioned us as a global leader, trusted in over 60 countries for our commitment to sustainability, efficiency, and customer satisfaction.

The Symphony Edge in Bedroom Comfort

Our dedication to innovative cooling technology is evident in our range of products, designed to cater to the unique needs of each bedroom, ensuring that your personal space is not just cool, but also conducive to restful sleep.

  1. The Diet 3D 12T

    Symphony’s Duet Mini Personal Table Cooling Fan redefines convenience in cooling. Ultra-portable and super light, this fan is as easy to carry as a lunch box, measuring just 15 x 15 x 22 cm and weighing 700g.

    Its USB plug-and-play feature, combined with a 3-speed LED touch panel, offers an easy-to-use interface. The fan operates on a mere 5 watts, akin to a single light bulb, exemplifying energy efficiency. The ergonomic handle and high-quality injection moulding adds to its sleek and user-friendly design. For optimal performance, we recommend filling the tank with cold water and placing the cooling fan close to you. Regular cleaning of the cooling pads ensures sustained efficiency. Additionally, its water/ice chamber with a refill reminder guarantees you never run out of cooling, making it perfect for both indoor comfort and outdoor escapades. The innovative design also allows for convenient charging using a C-type cable, ensuring you can power it up effortlessly with your mobile phone or laptop. It's worth noting that this portable cooling solution is user-friendly, but it's essential to clarify that it does not include a refill reminder feature.

  2. Duet i-S Personal Pedestal Cooling Fan: Versatility and Power

    The Duet i-S Personal Pedestal Cooling Fan stands out with its dual functionality. It can be used both as a personal cooling fan and an air cooler, thanks to its detachable pedestal. This model is especially suited for space-saving considerations in mind, making it an ideal choice for those seeking efficient and compact cooling solutions, featuring a 6L water-tank capacity and a 15 ft. air throw. Its vertical structure is designed to occupy minimal floor space while delivering optimal functionality. Consuming only 45 watts, it’s the epitome of energy efficiency, also being inverter-compatible for uninterrupted operation during power cuts. The touch-sensitive control panel, along with its soothing lights, enhances user convenience and ambience.

    The 90 – degrees swivel movement of the body and cool flow dispenser with a silent blower fan ensures even air distribution throughout the room. Symphony’s signature honeycomb cooling pads with a dust filter purify the air while providing superior cooling. The water/ice chamber further elevates the cooling experience, especially in the hot summer months.

  3. Diet 3D 20i Tower Air Cooler: Advanced Cooling for Large Spaces

    The Diet 3D 20i Tower Air Cooler is Symphony’s solution for larger rooms, boasting a 20L water-tank capacity and an impressive 28 ft. air throw. This model is highlighted by its pop-up touchscreen and magnetic full-function remote, adding a touch of modernity and convenience. The 3-side high-efficiency honeycomb cooling pads coupled with i-pure technology, featuring multistage filters, ensure a clean and healthy air supply. Its energy-efficient operation, consuming only 145 watts, is complemented by its compatibility with inverters, making it reliable during power cuts. The high-quality injection moulding gives it a sleek finish, fitting seamlessly into any room decor. For effective cooling and cross ventilation, it's advisable to keep a door or window open while the cooler is operational.

Symphony: Pioneering Eco-Friendly Comfort At Symphony, our mission extends beyond providing cooling solutions; it's about championing sustainability and comfort. Our commitment to green, eco-friendly practices is ingrained in every product we craft. As 'India's Most Trusted Air Cooler Brand,' we not only meet expectations but also set new benchmarks in eco-conscious cooling innovations.

Elevating Sleep with Symphony's Advanced Cooling Choosing a Symphony cooler for your bedroom is a decision that transcends mere temperature regulation. It's about curating an environment conducive to restorative sleep. From the compact and convenient Duet Mini to the adaptable Duet i-S, and the stylish Diet 3D 20i, our range of the best air coolers in India seamlessly combines advanced technology with elegant design, elevating the quality of your sleep.

With our focus on smart, energy-efficient, and sustainable cooling technology, Symphony transforms your bedroom into a haven of peaceful, restful nights. Experience the Symphony difference and discover how a cooler, more comfortable bedroom can lead to profoundly better sleep.

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