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Explore Symphony Online Store Offering Winter Discounts on Air Coolers - Symphony Limited

Explore Symphony Online Store Offering Winter Discounts on Air Coolers

As the world leader in evaporative air cooling, Symphony has been pioneering comfortable living in over 60 countries for more than eight decades. With a stellar record of over 2.5 crore air coolers sold worldwide, Symphony has etched its name as a synonym for eco-friendly, efficient, and accessible cooling solutions. The brand's journey, originating from Ahmedabad, Gujarat, reflects its commitment to democratizing comfort with sustainable practices and providing the best air coolers in India.

The Symphony Legacy: A Blend of Innovation and Eco-Consciousness

Founded by Mr. Achal Bakeri, Symphony has always prioritised green cooling solutions. Its range of ergonomically designed evaporative coolers like tower coolers and desert coolers caters to residential, commercial, and industrial needs, balancing user comfort and environmental responsibility. The brand's focus extends beyond product functionality to embrace a holistic approach to quality, service, and ecological impact.

Symphony's Mission: Advanced, Sustainable Cooling for the Modern World

Symphony's mission is not just about delivering advanced cooling solutions; it's about reshaping how we think about our environmental footprint. The brand has successfully integrated intelligent, energy-efficient systems that reduce operating costs and minimize ecological impacts, thus aligning with contemporary lifestyle needs.

Recognition and Workplace Excellence

The consistency in delivering quality and the emphasis on social responsibility have earned Symphony the title of 'India's Most Trusted Air Cooler Brand' for three consecutive years. Furthermore, the Great Place to Work Institute's recognition among India's Top 50 Best Workplaces in Manufacturing highlights the brand's commitment to its workforce, underlining its overall excellence.

Winter Discounts: A Symphony of Savings

The Symphony online store is currently offering winter discounts on a range of air coolers, making this the perfect time to invest in sustainable comfort. Let's explore some of the top picks available at special prices:

1. Touch 35 Personal Air Cooler 35-litres

Ideal for medium rooms, the Touch 35 boasts a digital touchscreen with voice assist, high-efficiency aspen cooling pads, and a 35L water tank. It's energy-efficient, consuming only 185 watts, and comes with a sleek finish.

2. Diet 3D 40i Tower Air Cooler 40-litres

This tower cooler is perfect for medium rooms and features a pop-up touchscreen, 3-side honeycomb cooling pads, and i-pure technology with multistage filters. It's energy-efficient at 140 watts and comes with a magnetic remote.

3. Sumo 75 XL Powerful Desert Air Cooler 75-litres

Designed for large rooms, the Sumo 75 XL has a robust body, easy-fill feature, and i-pure technology. With a 75L water tank and 190 watts consumption, it's an excellent choice for extensive cooling needs.

4. Diet 3D 30B BLDC Tower Air Cooler 30-litres

The cooler is ideal for small rooms and is a standout with its 30L water tank, pop-up touchscreen, and 3-side honeycomb cooling pads. It sets itself apart with seven speed levels, offering greater control over air throw and potentially quieter operation, compared to the typical three-speed coolers. Remarkably energy-efficient, it consumes up to 60% less power than standard models, making it both an eco-friendly and cost-effective choice. Furthermore, its 8-hour sleep mode ensures uninterrupted rest throughout the night without the need for refilling, catering to the modern consumer's need for comfort and convenience.

Embrace Conscious Cooling with Symphony

Symphony's winter discounts present an unmissable opportunity to upgrade to environmentally friendly cooling solutions. Whether you're looking for personal, tower, or desert air coolers, Symphony's range caters to varied needs, ensuring that comfort and sustainability go hand in hand. With these winter offers, Symphony continues to champion the cause of conscious cooling, saving electricity, reducing carbon emissions, and advocating for a greener future.

Invest in a Symphony air cooler today and join the movement towards a cooler, greener, and more sustainable world.



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