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Beat the Summer Rush: Why Winter is Ideal for Cooler Shopping

Winter, often seen as a time for cosy firesides and snowflakes, is also an unexpected ally in prepping for summer's scorch. This is the season where the smartest deals in air cooling lie hidden like gems under a blanket of snow. And who better to reveal these gems than Symphony, the maestro of air cooling, turning the cold season into a treasure hunt for savvy summer planners!

The Winter Shopping Adventure: A Symphony of Savings

The Secret Sale Season:

Forget the usual holiday sales; winter is when the real magic happens for cooler shopping. While others are bundling up, you can be snagging the coolest deals on the market. It’s like having a backstage pass to the best summer prep show.

The Treasure Trove of Options:

Winter offers a kingdom of choices in air coolers, free from the summer shopping frenzy. Imagine wandering through a world of Symphony coolers, each whispering tales of summers made comfortable. This is the season to pick your summer champion without the rush.

Ready for the Heatwave:

By securing your cooling companion in winter, you’re setting the stage for a stress-free summer. It’s like planting a tree in winter and basking in its shade when summer rolls around.

Symphony’s Winter Deals: Featured Products

1. Winter 80B: 1st Air Cooler with BLDC Technology

  • Energy Efficiency: Up to 60% less power consumption.
  • Sleep Mode: Up to 8 hours, ensuring uninterrupted rest.
  • Advanced Cooling: 4-side cooling pads and touch screen control.
  • Health Safety: i-Pure Technology for clean, healthy air.

2. Winter 80XL + Powerful Desert Air Cooler 80-litres

  • Superior Cooling: 3-side high efficiency honeycomb pads.
  • Quiet Performance: Whisper-quiet operation for peaceful environments.
  • Large Capacity: 80L water tank, suitable for large rooms.

3. Storm 70i Desert Tower Air Cooler 70-litres

  • Intuitive Controls: LCD panel and full-function remote.
  • Efficient Design: Powerful fan with 65 ft. air throw for large rooms.
  • Health Focused: i-Pure technology for a cleaner air supply.

4. Jumbo 70 Desert Air Cooler 70-litres

  • High Efficiency: Superior cooling with aspen pads and cool flow dispenser.
  • Economical: Consumes only 155 watts, making it energy efficient.
  • Comfortable Use: Auto louver movement for even cooling distribution.

Winter presents a unique opportunity to plan ahead and secure your summer cooling needs at unbeatable prices. Symphony’s range of air coolers, with their advanced technology, energy efficiency, and eco-friendly design, offers something for everyone. Whether it's the cutting-edge Winter 80B with its BLDC technology or the robust Jumbo 70, Symphony ensures that you stay cool, comfortable, and cost-effective during the hot summer months. Don't wait for the summer rush; explore Symphony's winter deals now and beat the heat in style!

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