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What Would be a Good Air Cooler for 150 Sq. Ft Area?

What Would be a Good Air Cooler for 150 Sq. Ft Area?

As the rising temperatures make our lives difficult, it is time to bring in cooling appliances that would deliver cool air. But wait, what about the increasing electricity bills that may make you sweat every month? 

Well, there is a solution that would keep your home cool without burning holes in your pocket, and that is purchasing a good air cooler. 

Air conditioners are among the best appliances that you should consider investing in, but with numerous choices available, selecting the perfect one for your living space can be tricky, especially when you are not aware of the basics of choosing one. 

Now, suppose you wish to buy an air cooler for the bedroom, which is fairly big; there are several aspects that you may need to evaluate the product for. 

Elements that You Need to Consider for a Good Air Cooler

A decent-sized bedroom is around 100 to 150 sq. ft., and most families desire a cooling appliance that would occupy minimum space yet have adequate cooling. So, here are some elements that you need to consider:

  • Power of the air cooler
    Brands have diversified their offerings to comprehend the different buyer needs. There are air coolers with distinct power and cooling effects, where higher power means cooling for big rooms while less power is appropriate for small rooms. For a 150 sq. ft. room, we recommend you go for coolers with higher power.

  • Air throw range
    A cooler designed for medium to large rooms is most suitable for bedrooms since the air throw range is apt to cover the space efficiently. Hence, when you buy an air cooler online, inspect the airflow capacity and make a selection based on the details provided by the company.

  • Water tank capacity
    For an ideal bedroom dimension, you need to purchase a cooler with sufficient water tank capacity so that you don’t have to refill water now and then.

  • Manoeuvrability
    There was a time when air coolers used to be bulky, which made it difficult to manage them as they consumed significant space in the room. Also, it was difficult to move the heavy cooler in the absence of suitable wheels. 

However, with modern air coolers, this doesn’t seem to be a concern anymore. Even the heavy air coolers have inbuilt wheels which makes movement smooth and easy. People now prefer a moveable air cooler since it can be placed according to the routine during the day. 

Making a Perfect Choice While Selecting an Air Cooler

Once you have analysed an air cooler's features based on the above points, you can look for additional features that would improve your experience by offering a blend of utility and control. 

Modern air coolers are equipped with stylish yet functional control panels, remotes, sleep mode timers, and more. There is a perfect air cooler for every purpose, so you need to be wise while making a choice.

We will now discuss two top-selling air coolers. These coolers are designed for decent bedroom sizes and are perfect in every sense for a family that wants a stylish and efficient cooling machine. 

Different Models of Symphony Air Coolers


This symphony model is the ideal companion in the kitchen, specifically while cooking. It can simply rest on the kitchen slab without consuming more space. 

This fan is effortless to carry, comes with a digital touchscreen, oscillates on the sturdy base and offers a powerful air throw. Here are some other salient features that you should know:

  • The gentle air throw is directly on your body and does not disturb the flame when cooking.
  • This model is easy to operate, and the water-filling process is also simple. 
  • The features include 45-degree oscillation, easy portability and a shock-resistant body that keeps your family secure.

Diet 3D 20i

This model offered by Symphony consumes merely 145 watts* and comes with a magnetic remote and pop-up touchscreen. 

It is equipped with CFD technology which offers uniform cooling and 3-side high efficiency honeycomb cooling pads adds additional strength and durability to the model structure.

  • The precise tower design and oscillating louvers ensure consistency in the overall air flow for utmost comfort.
  • The smart alarm system notifies you and allows you to focus on your work, ensuring your air cooler does not run out of water.
  • The magnetic remote positions you in complete control. It has multiple functions, and you do not have to get up at all times. 

Diet 12T

This model offered by Symphony comes with a cool flow dispenser for healthier cooling. The machine has sturdy wheels for effortless mobility. 

This energy-efficient cooler consumes merely 165 watts* and is inverter-compatible to easily deal with power cuts. The superior quality injection molding offers the model a sleek finish.

  • With a cool flow dispenser, this air cooler offers the utmost air circulation. 
  • The honeycomb design blended with a re-engineered fiber structure offers a maximum cooling effect and adds additional strength and durability.
  • Powerful air blowers and i-Pure technology offer great cooling effects as well as safeguard health.

Key Takeaways 

If you live in a house with standard room sizes, we recommend you invest in a medium-sized air cooler that is easy to move around. This is important since one air cooler will serve many purposes and ensure that your loved ones stay cool and comfy throughout the day.

When purchasing an air cooler, consider the room dimensions and look for a model that has enough power and air-throw range so that you are not disappointed after the purchase. Also, prefer a brand that offers post-sale customer support and delivers your product to your doorstep within a few days. 

After all, your family deserves a relaxed and humid-free environment inside the house as the sun flares to its maximum during this season. 

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