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What are the Key Differences Between a Tower Fan and an Air Cooler?

What are the Key Differences Between a Tower Fan and an Air Cooler?

The summer season in India is draining since it is a combination of high temperature and humidity levels, which make it unbearable. People who install air conditioners keep wondering about the hefty electricity bills; hence, looking for alternative cooling machines that are effective yet power-saving becomes a necessity.

Modern air coolers are a great alternative for families since they come in all sizes and cooling ranges. However, in this blog post, we will also talk about the latest tower fans who have transformed the way people cool their personal spaces. 

Air circulation and indoor cooling for a cozy living space are what every family deserves, and choosing the perfect cooling machine can be a challenge if you are not aware of the basic differences and functions that each product type - a tower fan and an air cooler offers. 

So, before we compare an air cooler tower fan and other cooler models, let us understand the design and functions that each model has.

The Concept of Tower Fan

Designed for compact spaces, tower fans are tall and sleek, similar to the structure of a tower. The fan is vertical and can oscillate to circulate air. Due to their modern design and stylish look, these are becoming a popular option in homes and offices. 

These fans render a refreshing and cool breeze inside the room by drawing warm air from the surroundings through side vents. The impellers and fan blades cool the air and then throw it in the room, which is evenly distributed around the room. 

The Function of an Air Cooler

An air cooler draws hot air from outside and cools it with the help of water stored in the water tank, then the air evaporates, and a cool breeze is circulated, which creates a calm environment even during peak summers. These come in different sizes and designs, aiming to meet diverse family needs. 

There are cooling device models, including desert, personal, and tower air coolers that work on the same concept but have different cooling ranges and tank capacities. Most new-age air coolers are portable, with wheels attached to the base and high-quality pads that absorb water, leading to cool air. 

The Basic Difference Between a Tower Fan and an Air Cooler

Now that we know that both air coolers and tower fans work on different concepts, the choice depends on what kind of cooling machine will be perfect for your space. Here are some other key differences between the two product types:

  • Design and look: Tower fans are sleek and perfect for small rooms or for individuals who want a personal cooling device. Air coolers, on the other hand, are bulkier and need more space than tower fans. 
  • Air circulation: Air coolers are designed to cool down the hot air that is absorbed from the surroundings. These need a water supply to cool the space, while tower fans only circulate the air as a directed stream that gives a cooling effect.
  • Fan size: Tower fans have slender fans that oscillate to throw air, while air coolers have bigger blades that have higher oscillation rates.
  • Air throw range: Several air cooler models have significant air throw range, covering even large room sizes. Tower fans are great for personal cooling and compact rooms only. 
  • Price: Tower fans are more affordable compared to air coolers.
  • Noise: Considering the bigger fan size in air coolers, these are noisier compared to tower fans. This is why tower fans are a great option for bedrooms where one wants silent cooling devices for uninterrupted sleep during the night. 
  • Maintenance: Good quality air coolers and tower fans demand minimal maintenance and work great with appropriate cleaning techniques. However, in air coolers, you need to take care of water in the tank, which needs to be changed regularly to evade bacterial and mold growth. 

Criteria to Choose Between Tower Fan and Air Cooler

The best approach to choosing the right cooling option for your home is to analyze your lifestyle and needs and set the criteria. 

Both the products have their salient features, and hence, as a user, you need to know which one of the two will suffice the cooling requirements. 

If you are looking for a cool breeze around the room, an air cooler is the best buy. But if you want to attain air circulation in the room, the tower fan will fulfill the need. 

If you live in a house with decent room sizes, the air cooler is an option to consider. If you want a device that would throw air at you directly, a tower fan is the product you need. 

Moving Forward

The final step is budget, which definitely is crucial since you need to plan what amount you wish to spend on the cooling device. 

Both cooling devices serve specific purposes. Hence, you need to be careful about your individual preferences before you set out to purchase a cooling device product so that you do not have any confusion in mind and can make an informed decision.

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