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What are the different types of Air Coolers?

What are the different types of Air Coolers?

Air coolers are back in trend, considering the reasonable prices and modern designs that brands have introduced with the aim of rendering unique functions and amazing cooling. 

There was a time when air conditioners had taken over the traditional air coolers since there was no upgrade, but now that companies are offering the latest technology and new-age designs that are appealing to families, there is a range of options to choose from. 

The choice is ample, and hence, as a customer, you need to be aware of the types of air coolers that the leading brands are offering. 

The segregation into different segments is based on cooling capacity, size, tank capacity, price and more. So, today, we will discuss every category in detail to understand the functionality that each of them offers. 

Diverse Types and Categories of Symphony Air Coolers

  • Tower coolers
Let’s start with the sleekest category, which consists of the best portable air coolers, as these are vertical yet offer amazing cooling in compact to medium room sizes. The aim of designing these air coolers is to provide models that consume less space in the rooms. 
The fan blades help attain an even distribution of air around the room in less time, thus helping achieve the best cooling. These coolers absorb hot air from surroundings and then cool it through the cooling pads and throw it out in the room. 
Additional features like air deflection, remote control, air filtration, etc., offer a complete cooling solution to users. Considering the structure, the water tanks are small to medium, so you have ample choice in this segment.
  • Personal coolers
As the name suggests, personal air coolers are for compact spaces and consume less energy, which means limited electricity bills. These provide cool and fresh air that makes the room comfortable even during peak summers. 
A decent-sized water tank and fan are fitted in a lightweight structure. Most personal coolers come with wheels, which allow movement around the home. 
Some models are compatible with inverters, which means people do not have to suffer in case of power cuts, which is common during summer. Families with two to three members can buy personal coolers and enjoy the summer season without the heat and sweat.
  • Window coolers
The next in the line are window coolers, which are bigger than personal coolers and need to be installed on the windows. These cool amazingly well since they get ample cross-ventilation. Also, homes that have limited space inside the room. 
The new-age window coolers come with water-resistant plastic bodies that can withstand the weather and need minimum maintenance. 
When compared to the prices of towers and personal coolers, these are slightly costly, but when the air throw range and cooling capacity are considered, these are worth the money spent. Families with small kids who want to keep the little ones away from air coolers prefer buying from this segment.
  • Desert coolers
Desert air coolers are designed for areas with high temperatures and low humidity, similar to desert areas. These have cooling capacities that are ideal for medium to large rooms without consuming more power. 
Regular cleaning and maintenance ensure the best cooling and sturdy structure along with castor wheels, making movement easy. These air coolers are equipped with the latest technology and features like remote control, air filtration, empty tank alarm, etc., which lets consumers use the product according to their comfort. 
  • Commercial coolers
The commercial cooler category consists of the bulkiest and priciest cooler models since they are specifically designed for large rooms, offices, or commercial setups. 
Innovative designs like double blowers and large tank capacities further enhance the cooling capabilities of the models. Advanced features like inverter compatibility and dust filters make these coolers a great buy for industrial setups and large-sized living spaces. 

Analyzing Your Cooling Needs

Indeed, air coolers consume less space and are the best budget-buy option, with low maintenance costs combined with top-notch cooling across the living space. The air coolers are all set to transform the lives of families who want the best cooling solutions to beat the scorching heat. 

But to make a wise choice, you need first to analyze your needs. For this, you need to consider the room size, family size, and usage patterns. 

Moving Forward with the Best Air Cooler in India

Once you are sure of the features you wish to have in the cooling machine, you can easily identify the segment and then compare all models in this category to find the perfect product. Every model comes with different functionality and power; hence, you need to read the product specifications carefully. 

It is essential to buy an air cooler from a reputed brand like Symphony that specializes in design, technology, and modern-day functionalities. You can get some amazing deals and best-in-class air coolers if you research thoroughly. 

After all, investing in a quality air cooler is a step towards stress-free and effective cooling for years to come. So, go ahead and make the right choices for your loved ones.

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