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Top 5 Symphony Air Coolers With Remote That Are Below Rs 10,000

Top 5 Symphony Air Coolers With Remote That Are Below Rs 10,000

 Don't let prickly heat crush you as the dreaded summer has already begun. It's time to buy the best air cooler which you can operate with ease while sitting on your couch. Let's take a quick look at our top 5 picks for the best remote-controlled air coolers available in the market. 


  1. Symphony Hicool i 31 L Room/Personal Air Cooler (White)

This air cooler delivers cool air, free of dust, bacteria, and odors, thanks to our i-pure technology. It runs on the innovative SMPS Technology, which keeps voltage fluctuations at bay. Equipped with 31 liters water tank, this cooler can easily cool an area of up to 185 sq ft. Moreover, it also has a stylish digital control panel that is easy to use, and you can also control your air cooler with smart remote control.


  1. Symphony Diet 3D - 30i 30 L Tower Air Cooler (Black and White)

Equipped with three-sided Honeycomb Cooling Pads and a tank capacity of 30 liters, this air cooler gives a superb cooling effect. You can get the best cooling experience at home because of advanced i-pure technology and multistage air purification. It has an automatic pop-up touch screen and a magnetic remote to give you a seamless experience.


  1. Symphony Sumo-i 45 L Desert Air Cooler (Grey)

As the name suggests, this cooler can quickly cool 325 sq. ft. of area. It has a larger tank capacity of 45 liters and a multi-functional remote. Furthermore, this air cooler comes with auto louver movements and highly efficient aspen cooling pads that generate a super chilling effect in no time. With only 150 watts, this cooler is always saving you on power bills. 


  1. Symphony Touch 35 L Tower Air Cooler (White) 

This Tower-style air cooler houses super-efficient honeycomb cooling pads mounted on all four sides. This cooler comes with a water tank capacity of 35 liters and a power consumption of only 185 watts. The unit comes with long-range remote control, making it extremely easy to use. Moreover, it has a user-friendly design and can cool upto 195 sq. ft., making it an ideal choice for large rooms.


  1. Symphony Cloud Wall-Mounted 15 L Room Expandable (White)

The final name on the list is Cloud, Symphony's brand new wall-mounted air cooler. This innovative cooler can be controlled via an intelligent remote with a 10-hour timer. Cloud also features humidity control, empty tank alarm, and auto-clean function. It uses the same i-pure technology and houses super-efficient aspen cooling pads. And the best part is, it comes with a free installation offer.

We hope our recommendations have helped you in your buying decision. Happy Shopping!

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