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Beat the Heat in Rajasthan: Maximizing Comfort with Symphony Coolers - Symphony Limited

Beat the Heat in Rajasthan: Maximizing Comfort with Symphony Coolers

As the blazing sun scorches the vibrant landscape of Rajasthan, the search for an oasis of cool becomes inevitable. One of the most effective and energy-efficient ways to beat the heat is by investing in a high-quality air cooler. In India, Symphony air coolers have become a popular choice due to their innovative design, advanced cooling technology, and energy efficiency. 

These coolers serve not just as a tool to combat the heat, but as an investment towards a comfortable and sustainable lifestyle. Here's a look at how Symphony Coolers are helping the residents of Rajasthan turn the tables on the heat, offering a breeze of cool comfort.

  1. Diet 35T Sleek & Powerful Personal Tower Air Cooler: This tower air cooler is the epitome of Symphony's ingenious design and superior cooling technology. Designed for medium rooms, the Diet 35T comes equipped with a 35L water-tank and high-efficiency honeycomb cooling pads. Furthermore, it's an energy-efficient cooler, consuming a meagre 165 watts, which underscores Symphony's commitment towards sustainable cooling solutions.

  2. HiCool 45T Modern Personal Air Cooler: With a robust 45L water tank, the HiCool 45T is an ideal choice for medium rooms. Its powerful 37ft air throw with auto-swing guarantees wide coverage, keeping your room uniformly cool. Consuming only 170 watts, this Symphony air cooler showcases the brand's dedication to energy efficiency.

  3. Touch 55 Room Air Cooler: Tailored for larger rooms, this air cooler offers powerful cooling with its 4-side high-efficiency cooling pads and a 55L water tank. Ensuring clean air with its i-pure technology having multistage filters, the Touch 55 Room Air Cooler is an energy-efficient model that consumes only 185 watts.

  4. Jumbo 65 DB Room Desert Air Cooler: Earning its spot among the best desert coolers, the Jumbo 65 DB boasts a sizable 61L water tank and a high-efficiency Aspen cooling pad. Ideal for large rooms, this cooler stands testament to the brand's prowess in delivering powerful cooling solutions, while maintaining an energy consumption of just 235 watts.

  5. Storm-C 100XL Desert Tower Air Cooler: With a colossal 100L water tank, this air cooler is perfectly equipped to cool large rooms. Despite its powerful fan and superior cooling capabilities, the Storm-C 100XL maintains Symphony's promise of energy efficiency, consuming only 210 watts.

  6. Movicool DD 125 Double Decker Air Cooler: This unique double-decker air cooler, ideal for commercial spaces or large gatherings, is the epitome of Symphony's innovative design. Its low power consumption - 217 watts X 2 only - makes it a preferred choice for those seeking to buy air coolers online.

Whether you are seeking a personal cooler or a desert cooler, Symphony's wide range of air coolers caters to every requirement, ensuring there's a perfect match for everyone.

This summer, take the heat head-on in Rajasthan with Symphony, arguably the best cooler brand in India. Don't just brave the heat, conquer it with Symphony. Order your Symphony cooler online today, and welcome a breeze of cool comfort in your home!
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