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Which is Better: Desert Air Cooler Or Tower Air Cooler?

Which is Better: Desert Air Cooler Or Tower Air Cooler?

Ventilation, air cooling, and humidity management are the most critical aspects people desire as the summer approaches and the temperature rises. A cool home keeps the family comfortable and lets them enjoy moments together. 

Although there are several cooling machine types, like air conditioners, on the market, investing in an air cooler is the best choice due to its affordability and functionality. 

The air cooler segment has evolved considerably in the last few years, and brands have developed various models to cater to diversified customer needs. 

The choice of cooler depends on the family and home size, and this is why the top-selling models are the tower and desert air coolers. However, people still need clarification when searching for the best-suited cooling device for their space. 

Today, in this blog, we will highlight the salient features of the cooler types and help people decide which would render the desired utility for their home. 

Understanding Desert Air Cooler vs. Tower Air Cooler

Both desert and tower coolers are designed to offer more relaxed spaces during peak summers and work by evaporating water stored in the tanks. 

This is ideal for dry and scorching climates, as it pulls hot air that passes through wet water pads installed on the side panels. The water evaporates and, in turn, cools the air inside the room. 

Also, the coolers add moisture to the room’s air and keep the space comfortable. It is a great feature for families with small kids and older people who face breathing issues due to dry air in the summer. 

People with a limited budget and are concerned about the tower and desert air cooler price can select from the range as there are models with different tank capacities and air throw ranges. 

These machines are easy to maintain, and their durability has increased with new-age honeycomb water pads. There are no complex cooling systems; hence, one can use the air cooler for years without spending a fortune. 

Differences Between Tower and Desert Air Coolers

Now that we have discussed the similarities between both cooler variants, let us check for the differences so that you can select the best one for your home. 

  • Tower coolers are appropriate for small to medium room sizes, while desert coolers are the best buy for larger living spaces. The air throw range of desert coolers is way higher, and hence, it is easy to attain cooler homes even during peak season. 
  • Desert coolers have huge water tank capacities and hence are heavy. On the other hand, tower coolers are lightweight, which allows easy movement around the house. However, few brands have innovated and are now offering sturdy wheels in desert coolers as well. 
  • Tower air coolers consume less energy compared to desert coolers since the motor installed is of less power. This also interferes with the cooling capacity, where desert coolers have the upper hand. 
  • Tower coolers are sleek and can easily fit into smaller room sizes without compromising movement. Desert coolers are bulkier and need ample space in the room. 

Top Range of Symphony Air Coolers

Even though tower air coolers are more practical for families that want the best cooling efficacy, desert coolers are the ultimate choice. Here are two top-selling desert coolers and their salient features that people planning to buy this summer should consider.

Jumbo 70 Desert Air Cooler With 70 Litres

The Jumbo 70 cooler comes packed with performance and features that make it a great buy for families that want the best cooling in their homes. 

The cooler consumes 155 watts of power and has negligible noise so that you can have an uninterrupted sleep during night time. 

To make movement possible, the company has provided a free trolley, and then there are the large honeycomb pads to ensure maximum cooling even during high temperatures. 

Movicool Large Space Air Cooler With 65 Litres

Another hot-selling Symphony cooler is the Movicool L 65, which has a robust body and modern design to match today’s lifestyle. 

The power consumption is 245 watts, which means you do not need to pay whooping electricity bills throughout the season. The cooler’s air throw range is 20 meters, which is ideal for big spaces. 

The top-quality honeycomb pads installed on three sides ensure adequate water absorption for effective cooling. Features like an empty tank alarm, utility tray and water level indicator make daily use convenient. 

Moving Forward

Symphony is a brand dedicated to offering its customers the best air coolers for years. It has constantly upgraded its products with modern design and features to deliver the best user experience. 

There are several other models dedicated to different living spaces. Hence, you can choose the best one as per your budget and enjoy a relaxed, comfortable living space this summer. 

Do not worry about anything because the brand ensures the best quality product and after-sales support in case of any concerns. Just go ahead and make the right choice today!

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