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Tower Cooler vs. Desert Cooler

Tower Cooler vs. Desert Cooler

Buying an air cooler can be tricky, especially when there are various models designed to meet specific requirements. In such scenarios, it becomes essential to understand the needs and look for options that match them. 

Two very common air coolers that people usually look for are desert and tower coolers. Hence, today, we will discuss the features of both types and compare them based on the functionality they offer users.

The Right Choice of Air Coolers

Managing temperature rise and humidity is a concern during peak summers, but with the right choice of cooler, it is not a problem anymore. 

Apart from the low electricity bills, there are more features to compare to understand which of the two top-selling cooler types is the best. Before we dive deep into the differences, let us first decipher each of these two options. 

Understanding Tower Air Coolers

Tower coolers are famous for their sleek and tall designs, which occupy the least space in a room. Hence, they are perfect cooling companions this summer season for rooms with limited space. 

These machines cool the air by drawing hot air inside, and the water-soaked pads cool this air, making the room a calm and refreshing place. Since modern living styles are compact, investing in a tower air cooler is a great buy. 

Comprehending Desert Air Coolers

Desert coolers are specifically for less humid and scorching climates where a standard cooler is not practical. They are a fantastic product for desert-like areas where only air conditioners work well, but those are expensive due to high power consumption. 

These coolers are significant and can store a considerable amount of water, saving the user from the effort of filling them repetitively. 

Major Differences between Desert and Tower Air Coolers

Below are the significant differences between the two air-cooler types that you need to consider in order to choose the perfect air cooler for your space:

  • Structure: Tower air coolers are tall and slim, designed to cool small rooms with sufficient airflow. Desert air coolers are bulky and have massive structures designed for bigger rooms. 
  • Air circulation: The air circulation of desert air coolers is more powerful than that of tower types. However, both work on the same concept of drawing hot air from the surroundings and cooling it through the water-soaked pads.
  • Energy efficiency: Due to their vast size, desert cooling machines consume more energy than tower types. So, if you wish to cool limited space, the latter is a better option to purchase.
  • Noise: With the huge fan size, expect the desert-type coolers to be a bit noisier than tower air coolers. Therefore, if you want a quieter, cooler model, go for the tower type without any concerns.
  • Price: Undoubtedly, the power and cooling efficiency of a desert air cooler comes at an extra cost, so choose the model according to your budget. After all, the aim of buying a cooler is to get a cozy room at a nominal price. 
  • Portability: Tower air coolers are appropriately sized for easy movement, which means that users can place them according to their needs and comfort. On the other hand, desert air coolers can be difficult to move. To solve this concern, brands have started offering sturdy wheels that can endure the weight and make movement easy.
  • Maintenance: When you purchase an air cooler from a reputable brand, you are guaranteed low upkeep, which means cleaning the parts, including the cooling pads, is all you need to do at regular intervals. Indeed, the size of desert air coolers would demand more effort and time for maintenance, but with the cooling it offers, it is worth investing in.

Now that we have highlighted the differences between the two cooler types let us help you further by listing two of the most popular coolers that buyers rely on. 

Different Models of Symphony Air Coolers

Diet 3D 55B 

This new-age air cooler is equipped with BLDC technology that sets aside a lot of energy, and you acquire an enhanced cooling effect without paying those hefty electricity bills. The cooler consumes only 115 watts of power and has a 7-speed fan. 

For this model we have used high-quality copper wounds, which are compatible with inverters, which means it operates efficiently even during power cuts. Some other salient features of this model are:

  • Effective cooling up to 16 sq. m, sufficient for medium rooms.
  • A fully functional magnetic remote that gives complete control of the features.
  • Eight hours of sleep mode is an option for uninterrupted sleep at night.
  • A water tank with an alarm will keep you aware of the water levels.

Windblast 95 EX 

A powerful cooling machine that is also highly resourceful in terms of energy usage, as it consumes only 260 watts of power. This cooler comes with CFD technology that ensures uniform cooling even for big rooms. 

The 17-inch fan is powerful yet silent, which makes it the best choice for night-time cooling. Some prominent features of this model are:

  • The cooling range is 48 sq. m, which is ideal for large room sizes.
  • Easy knob control for adjusting functions as per your comfort.
  • Top-quality honeycomb pads for enhanced cooling.
  • 95-litre tank capacity with overflow outlet and drain plug for easy usage.

Key Takeaways 

The choice of cooler entirely depends on an individual’s needs and lifestyle; therefore, you should first analyze your requirements and the weather in your city and then compare each of the available models to know the most suitable product for your living space. 

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