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Symphony Air Cooler Comparison: Diet 3D 55 B Vs Jumbo 70 Vs Movicool 125

Symphony Air Cooler Comparison: Diet 3D 55 B Vs Jumbo 70 Vs Movicool 125

With ground-breaking innovations in air cooling technology, selecting one of the best air coolers is now easy and straightforward. When exploring for a new air cooler, there are multiple functionalities you should comprehend, like product size, noise levels, and energy efficacy. By assessing these key functionalities, you can choose the best air cooler to meet your cooling needs.

Symphony air coolers have become progressively prevalent due to their superior performance and energy effectiveness. Understanding the requirements of consumers and the steadily changing climate, the research and development team at Symphony has top air-cooling tech experts to innovate eco-friendly air-cooling solutions. 

This scenario is why Symphony's range of air coolers delivers the ultimate cooling solutions for all your spaces. This blog post will explore our top picks of Symphony air coolers ideal for refreshing your home and office through the blazing summer.. 

Symphony Desert Coolers

Experience superior and consistent cooling with our best-in-class air throw with desert coolers. They are cost and energy-efficient options that complement large-sized and spacious rooms.

Pricing - The base price of these coolers varies depending on the diverse models and features.

Performance Levels - These power-packed coolers are precisely designed by us to give you a massive cooling effect, all thanks to their significant water tank capacity and new-generation cooling pads, which are bound to stay for years.

These air coolers are precisely designed with cool flow dispenser (CFD) technology that offer a powerful cooling effect. Cool Flow Dispenser technology enables well-balanced distribution of water on all sides of the air cooler to provide an excellent cooling experience.

Even with heavy usage during peak seasons like summers and monsoons, they consume very little power, which is a win-win scenario.

Symphony Commercial Coolers

Symphony's commercial coolers function effectively for large and semi-large spaces like offices and factories. They allow you to sustain a relaxed and comfortable environment for all your staff, reflecting superior productivity and boosting ROI.

Pricing - The base price of these coolers varies depending on the different models and exclusive features.

Performance Levels - With state-of-the-art features like higher air delivery, automated louvers, and prevailing motors, our commercial air coolers can swiftly cool spaces. They are highly durable and come with toughened fan blades for superior performance. 

These air coolers are a cost-efficient solution with lower power usage and require low maintenance to meet your cooling demands. To effortlessly clean the cooling pad of a commercial cooler, you can easily unplug the cooler and apply low water pressure using a water pipe on the cooling pad from the outer side.

Different Models of Symphony Air Coolers

Diet 3D 55 B


This air cooler model is best suitable for medium-sized rooms and comes with an advanced BLDC technology. The absence of brushes and commutators in BLDC motors removes the friction effect and wear when matched with old motors. Therefore, BLDC air coolers need lesser maintenance and have long operational life. This leads to cost savings and a trusted cooling solution.

Dietc3D 55B

The tower design of this air cooler comes with oscillating louvers, ensuring effective airflow to body-level. In contrast, the slim design makes fitting contentedly into compacted spaces. 

This air cooler model has automatic pop-up touchscreen control and honeycomb cooling pads. It consumes only 115 watts*, has an automatic pop-up touchscreen, magnetic remote, and 7-speed fan, and works in up to 8-hour sleep mode.

Jumbo 70

This air cooler model suits large rooms, hot and dry climate. The product has a 70-litre tank volume, a large-sized cooling pad area and a cool flow dispenser which ensures superior cooling. It consumes less power than other similar and contending products. The cooler assures a no-noise sleep enabled by highly resourceful cooling pads. 

Jumbo 70

This model offers whisper-quiet performance, superior cooling, possesses a powerful fan, free trolley+ and consumes only 115 watts*.

Movicool 125


This air cooler model comes with a solid weather-resistant body for longer life. It comes with a wide water inlet and a prevailing 3-level speed fan. The high-level performance of this air cooler model fits industrial large spaces and is best for outdoor usage or tough weather conditions.

Movicool 125

The cooler offers low power consumption of only 240 watts*, a powerful 20m* air throw for quick cooling, 3-side high-efficiency honeycomb pads, and lockable heavy-duty wheels.

Comparison Table: Diet 3D 55 B Vs Jumbo 70 Vs Movicool 125


Diet 3D 55 B Jumbo 70 Movicool 125
Air Throw Distance 28 ft 37 ft 20 m
Engineering Plastic (Blower or Fan)  Blower Fan Fan
Wattage (W) 230 V/ 50 Hz  115 155 240
Tank Capacity (Up to Brim - L)  55 70 125
Cool Flow Dispenser  Yes Yes Yes
Auto Louver Movement Yes Yes Yes
Cooling Media  Honeycomb  Aspen Honeycomb
Product Dimensions (L*B*H) (mm)  45 x 39 x 134 cm 655 x 634 x 838 870 x 440 x 1400
Product Weight (kg)  10.3 15.5 24
Wheels  Castor Wheels  Castor Wheels  Lockable Heavy Duty Wheels


Moving Forward

Keeping the above functionalities in mind, you now know which is the finest air cooler for your space. So, go ahead and purchase an air cooler online from Symphony at an affordable cost.

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