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From Tiny to Titanic Tanks: Selecting the Perfect Air Cooler Size for Optimal Cooling

From Tiny to Titanic Tanks: Selecting the Perfect Air Cooler Size for Optimal Cooling

When we discuss tips about buying an ideal air cooler, water tank capacity is one crucial point that we should be cautious of when making a choice. 

However, have you ever wondered what difference capacity can really make? After all, you may have to refill the tank some or the other day, so why should we even consider it? 

When you begin searching for a suitable cooler model, reading the product description carefully will help you understand why there are different tank capacities for various models. 

Today, we will understand the impact of water tank capacity on cooler efficiency and know which is the ideal purchase according to your living space.

Significance of Water Tank Capacity in Air Coolers

Most air coolers work on an evaporative mechanism, which means the machine takes in hot air that passes through the water-soaked cooling pads. This leads to cooling the hot breeze into a cool stream that is efficiently distributed around the room, ensuring that every room corner stays cosy and comfortable even during heat waves.

A motor is installed in air coolers that circulate water through the cooling pads. Traditional air coolers have grass cooling pads, but modern appliances now come with highly efficient honeycomb pads that retain water and guarantee an uninterrupted cool breeze. 

Once the water level goes below a certain level, it needs to be refilled, and this is why people usually believe that buying a big air cooler may be best, but the reality is that the choice of the appliance should depend on the room size and desired air throw capacity. 

You do not always need a jumbo air cooler for compact spaces. A sleek, decent-sized water tank should be enough. This concept will help you compare every available model wisely and select the perfect size with the least effort.

Advantages Associated with Larger Water Tank

If you have a big room and need a practical appliance, go ahead with the bigger options available. The most significant advantage associated with a bulky cooler's larger water tank capacity is that the cooling goes uninterrupted for hours at a stretch. No frequent refilling sessions are required in such conditions, which keeps you stress-free. 

As brands have improved cooler models with modern technology and innovative designs, even the bulkiest coolers come with heavy-duty castor wheels, which make movement around the space seamless. So, if you wish to cool different rooms at your convenience, just fill the water tank and move it around with ease.

The most common segment that consists of more water tank capacity is the desert cooler. These machines are designed for places with high temperatures and low humidity. 

The desert coolers help maintain the humidity levels appropriately as the hot air evaporates the water soaked in the pads installed on the sides. Since the humidity is low inside the rooms, the water evaporates quickly and thus, a big tank serves the purpose perfectly. 

Larger tanks are also common in commercial coolers, where the size is significant. The fan size is also big, which consumes more water compared to smaller models. This contributes to cooling efficiency without higher power consumption.

Things to Take Care of With Large Water Tanks in an Air Cooler

Now that you have found the ideal cooling machine and bought a big cooler, you need to take some precautions and follow a routine to ensure the best experience throughout the summer. Here are the tips that will help you attain immaculate cooling:

Regular Cleaning

When you purchase an air cooler, you need to practice a cleaning routine, regardless of its size. This will help keep the cooler in immaculate condition and extend its life for years to come. 

Draining the tank regularly eradicates the growth of mould, algae, or bacteria that may lead to nasty odours, which may also induce health issues in the family. Also, keep checking the condition of the cooling pads so that there are not any issues with operation.

Water Level

You may have bought the big cooler to avoid refilling the water repeatedly, but you still need to keep an eye on the water level. Operating the cooler with an empty water tank and motor on may damage the machine, leading to additional expense. 

Some air coolers come with fitted empty water tank alarms, which let you know whenever it is time to refill. 

Key Takeaways

Several air cooler models have big tanks, and thus, you should be aware of the capacity that would be sufficient. Leading brands like Symphony provide complete information about every air cooler model in the product description, so check out the details carefully before making a choice. 

You and your family deserve the best cooling solution without any financial stress, which is possible by choosing a trusted air cooler brand.

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