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Find your Ideal Room Temperature with the Symphony Room Cooler - Symphony Limited

Find your Ideal Room Temperature with the Symphony Room Cooler

A perfect home should imbibe a perfect atmosphere, an inviting aura, and top-notch comfort. That’s what makes all the difference. An excellent approach in ensuring all of that is feasible comes with a room cooler, which you would need to create an ideal room temperature for your designated space. 

Spot Coolers for Targeted Cooling - The best way to describe a spot cooler is - portable, user-friendly, and easy to carry. Symphony offers a wide range of spot coolers like – Mini Duet, Qute 8L range, Deuce 25, Quark 12, Diet 3D 12T, and Harvy 10T, etc which come with brilliant features and enhanced cooling controls. First things first, they are highly energy-efficient, which means they consume low power usage, making them a viable option for reducing power bills. The room size that accommodates the spot cooler starts from 10m square and goes up to 16m square. Thanks to its powerful blower, it ensures maximum cooling effect on targeted areas, leaving no corner untouched. If you’re planning to buy air cooler, then the spot cooler would be the safest option as it would give an enormous cooling effect with slim to no maintenance cost.

Small but Mighty Personal Cooler - Symphony Personal coolers are Value for money and have a supremely enhanced cooling effect. The best range in this category is - Ice Cube 20, Qute 12, Deuce 40, Diet 8T, and Koolpod, Qute, and Quark. These coolers have ergonomically designed blowers that enable maximum air throw plus come attached with fully closable louvers that provide filter fresh air throughout, which is a basic necessity nowadays. Also, it has a channelized water flow, and honeycomb cooling pads -  an easy breezy way to give your home, the essential cooling it deserves. The best feature of a personal cooler is that you can enjoy uninterrupted cooling as it has very minimal background noise, thus giving you more reasons to opt for it.

Tower coolers to turn up the cooling factor Sleek, contemporary, and powerful, the tower cooler is an amalgam of best-in-class cooling effects and a great space-saving appliance for your space. Diet 3D 12, Diet 3D 20I, Diet 3D 30I, Diet 3D 40I, Diet 55i+ Smart, and Storm 70 I are the best range offered by Symphony Coolers. Ideal for rooms up to 30 m², these coolers come equipped with i-Pure Technology that prevents bacteria, pollutants, germs, allergens, and foul smells from entering the cooler while giving you a filter fresh and optimal cooling effect. The new-generation honeycomb pads maintain their strength and durability, which in turn gives your home the flawless cooling factor for many years. 

Smart coolers for a smarter home- Control your comfort with ease! Smart coolers by Symphony like - Diet 3D 55B, Diet 3D 30B, HiCool I Smart, Touch 35 & 55L, and Winter 80 XLI+ Smart Bluetooth enabled cooler are quintessentially advanced with smart Bluetooth and touch Panel enabled technology. Now you can get efficient cooling at your fingertips and just press the buttons and the cooler will respond instantly. These coolers are apt for bedrooms and living rooms where you spend considerable time. Experience the power of unparalleled comfort and convenience and adjust the temperature according to your preference.

With a little inspiration, you can add wonders to your room with the ideal coolers by Symphony, meant to uplift your cooling experience in more ways than one.

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