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Are Air Coolers for homes worth it?

Are Air Coolers for homes worth it?

As much as people directly would opt for air conditioners to beat the heat of summer, the best air coolers today are also becoming the go-to favourites for their solid performances delivered through the least power consumption, all at pocket-friendly prices. The one cooler that’s been preferred the most Sumo Powerful Desert Air Coolers for personal usage. Features like easy-fill water filling, superior cooling with 3-side high efficiency cooling pads, 75l water tank capacity, low electricity consumption and more are some that people often look out for.

One brand that does it best, by offering the best that technology and innovation can bring to us and our home, is Symphony. And one Symphony air cooler that deserves to be at your home is the sleek, trendy, and powerful Bluetooth personal tower cooler - the Diet 3D 55i+ cooler. The tower design of the cooler and the oscillating louvers deliver cool, comforting air flow, and the slim design conveniently fits into compact spaces of your home. It’s a smart cooler with Bluetooth functionality that lets you control it from your Android smartphone. Equipped with i-Pure technology that comes with multistage air purification filters like bacteria filter, allergy filter, PM 2.5 wash filter, dust filter, and smell filter, the cooler lets you breathe fresh clean air whenever you put it on. A perfect companion at home that lets you relax and be at peace. The Diet 3D 55i+ cooler consumes minimal power and comes at a very reasonable cost. Even better reasons to have it in your home. 

 Symphony Ice Cube 20 Personal Room Air Cooler is another compact with powerful fan that promises consistent and efficient cooling for any personal space in your home. Whether it's a big living room, a master bedroom, or an expansive balcony, this cooler ensures maximum air circulation across the entire surface area of the spaces. The high-efficiency honeycomb cooling pads are extra strong and durable, and they bring the best cooling effect to your home spaces. It’s Required to Keep door or window open for effective cooling & cross ventilation. The cooler is designed to deliver clean air with i-pure technology, so you can enjoy a refreshing breeze no matter where you sit. 

Also worth consideration is the Symphony Duet Mini Powerful Personal Table Cooling Fan. This ultimate solution to beat the heat this summer, it boasts a range of top-notch features to ensure you stay cool and comfortable throughout the day. Equipped with surround airflow and honeycomb pads, this cooling fan is designed to provide you with a refreshing and revitalizing breeze. With touch panel control, an ice chamber, and a water level indicator, you can effortlessly customize your cooling experience according to your preferences. What sets the Symphony Duet Mini Cooling Fan apart from its competitors is its incredibly low noise level. Additionally, the dust filter in front of the honeycomb pads prevents any unwanted debris or particles from entering, ensuring your cooling fan stays clean and efficient.

The Movicool L 125 Large Space Cooler is the ultimate solution for keeping your employees comfortable in harsh industrial and weather conditions. Built with a robust, weather-resistant body, this cooler is made to last. Its rigid material is resistant to sunlight, moisture, and mild chemicals, making it the perfect choice for high-intensity performance. With its unique three-side cooling pad position, powerful fan speed, which can be operated at three different levels, the Movicool L 125 is the best desert cooler for large rooms. With the Movicool L 125, you don't have to worry about your employees' seating arrangements anymore - they'll stay cool and comfortable all day long!

The above all Symphony air coolers are amongst the finest air coolers that are designed keeping your home in mind. And yes, they set the bars high and reaffirm the fact that air coolers for home are absolutely worth it. 

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