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Air Coolers With i-PURE Technology For Pollution-free, Healthier Homes

Air Coolers With i-PURE Technology For Pollution-free, Healthier Homes

Imagine watching your favorite sitcom in the comfort of your home. Sitting along with a bag of popcorn in hand and wearing an air-mask on your face. It wouldn’t be a delightful experience. However, this could be a sate of the future not too far from now.
As per research, each year 5.5 million people die prematurely due to indoor and outdoor air pollution. Additionally, more than half of them belong to India and China. Other countries like Brazil, Pakistan and Japan are also experiencing an increase in the mortality rate.
Clearly with such alarming numbers, city pollution is fast becoming a major cause of concern. Various other health issues are also attached like skin irritation, breathing problems, coughing and sneezing. People are increasingly battling air-pollutants from entering their living spaces.
There is definitely a need to address the issue. Symphony air coolers with unique i-PURE technology provide an answer
i-PURE is an innovative step in the world of air cooling which helps to prevent various air-pollutants from entering indoors. It deploys a set of filters, which work together to deliver coolest air, in its purest form.
As the world’s first air cooling appliance to combine this technology, Symphony i-PURE air cooler come well equipped with a set of all five filters which include bacteria-filter, smell-filter, dust-filter, allergy-filter as well as PM 2.5 wash-filter functionalities. The combined working of these filters helps the city dwellers to breathe in fresh and healthy air.
Adding to the various other benefits, i-PURE also takes away the need for buying an air purifier. This helps to save money (including its maintenance), and optimize space utilization at home. The aesthetic looks of the product ensure enough pride and happiness for the owners. Cherry on top of the cake is the trust and quality of Symphony – a world-leading brand in air-cooling!
So make sure you get for your home day, and stay right inside your home to enjoy the freedom!
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